Help us build decentralized financial infrastructure. Earn rewards for your work.

Why run a masternode?

SWARM Masternodes are a way for anyone to provide services to the network and to earn rewards for doing so. Help us build the decentralized financial platform of tomorrow.


Run essential functions and help govern the decentralized SWARM Network

  • Host SWARM core software and Market Access Protocol (MAP)

  • Validate investor qualifications and token transfer restrictions

  • Participate in governing the network with stake-weighted voting on community ballots


Earn SWM for providing network services

  • 10 million initial SWM token reward pool (established 1 September 2018)

  • 2.5M initial annual pool, reducing by 25% each year, for 100 years

  • Earned continuously, distributed monthly to active nodes

Live Nodes

How to run a masternode

  1. STAKE: Stake 50,000 SWM tokens in an ERC20 wallet. One masternode can be staked per wallet. Use multiple wallets for multiple masternodes.

  2. LAUNCH: Check out the complete setup guide on GitHub. Follow the instructions and spin up your masternode.

  3. REGISTER: Once you've successfully launched, register your node as a SWARM masternode in a few simple steps. (You can even name your node).

  4. MAINTAIN: Update masternode software as required, and ensure that your node stays active to remain eligible for rewards.

  5. PARTICIPATE: Earn rewards and help govern the SWARM Network. Don't forget to join the dedicated SWARM masternode Telegram group to connect with other operators.

A masternode is a compute resource that meets the minimum technical and network requirements to run the SWARM core software and validate transactions. As the network grows over time, masternodes will also provide resources for other data services relevant to the network.

Some key aspects about Masternodes:

  • In order to activate a node as a SWARM Masternode, operators are required to stake 50,000 SWM tokens

  • The masternode begins earning rewards 15 days after staking and activation

  • Masternodes are required to run the latest release software version in order to receive rewards

  • The Swarm Network has set aside 10 million SWM tokens as rewards for Masternodes maintaining the network

More info

Find out more at or go to the setup guide for instructions how to run a Swarm Masternode.

There are also useful video guides such as these: